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Lakefront Airport has undergone a remarkable evolution from being a prominent aviation hub to becoming one of the most unique and sought-after event venues in New Orleans. Originally known as Shushan Airport, it opened its doors in 1934 with grand aspirations of being “The Air Hub of the Americas.” Designed by the same architectural firm responsible for the Louisiana State Capitol Building, the airport quickly became a symbol of luxury and innovation in its prime.

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Very cool historic airport terminal clearly constructed during the golden age of flying. They’ve got beautiful murals and even old-time phone booths.

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The New Orleans Lakefront Airport, originally the Shushan Airport, opened in 1934 and was to be “The Air Hub of the Americas.” It was drafted by the same architectural firm that then governor, Huey P. Long, used to construct the Louisiana State Capitol Building.

In its prime, the airport boasted a full surgical suite, Department of Agriculture and Commerce, luxury suites for VIPs, and even a post office. The building featured murals by artist Xavier Gonzalez, most of which survived Katrina in 2005, and detailed stone walls and floors. The Shushan airport wasn’t built just for people to come and go, it was built for people to do business AND have a good time.

In the 1960s, the entire airport was encased in concrete walls in case of the event of a nuclear fallout and in 2005; the airport took on more damage from Hurricane Katrina: four feet of water inside. Some thought the airport would be doomed and never be able to make a comeback. However, after undergoing years of renovation by Alton Ochsner Davis of Richard C. Lambert Consultants, the New Orleans Lakefront Airport is finally open to the public again.

Versatility for Every Occasion

Lakefront Airport’s versatile spaces and rich heritage make it the perfect destination for every occasion, promising an experience that soars beyond expectations.

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Lakefront Airport has hosted airshows featuring aerobatic displays, vintage aircraft, and performances by skilled pilots. In addition to the Pan American Air Races in 1934, these events attract aviation enthusiasts and the general public alike, providing a thrilling experience for attendees while showcasing the skills of pilots and the capabilities of different aircraft.

Aircraft Exhibitions at Lakefront Airport

Aircraft Exhibitions

The airport has been a venue for aircraft exhibitions and showcases, allowing aviation enthusiasts and the public to get up close to different types of aircraft, including vintage planes, experimental aircraft, and modern jets.

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Charity & Fundraising Events

Charity events, fundraisers, and galas organized by local organizations and businesses have taken advantage of the airport’s unique facilities and scenic backdrop to host memorable gatherings.

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Corporate Events

Lakefront Airport’s facilities have been utilized for corporate events, product launches, and business conferences. Its historical terminal building and picturesque surroundings provide an elegant setting for such occasions.

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Film & Television Productions

A popular filming location for movies and TV shows, the airport’s distinctive architecture and scenic location make it a popular choice for filmmakers looking to capture a specific ambiance.

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Through interactive experiences and engaging sessions, our tailored programs for schools aim to instill a deep appreciation for the pioneering spirit of flight and its significant impact on our world. Students have the chance to learn about the marvels of aviation firsthand, sparking curiosity and fostering a passion for aerospace innovation.

Timeless Charm Meets Unforgettable Events

Lakefront Airport remains a multifaceted venue, showcasing its rich history and offering  distinctive event spaces in New Orleans. One of its key event spaces is Messina’s at the Terminal, a venue that encapsulates the airport’s timeless elegance. Messina’s offers four unique spaces within the terminal for various events: The Grand Atrium, The Walnut Room, The Observation Deck, and The Huey P. Long Meeting Room.

Messina’s Runway Cafe, located within the historic terminal, serves as a charming dining space offering traditional New Orleans cuisine. The venue has become a popular choice for weddings, with a maximum capacity of 550 guests. The Walnut Room, adorned with walnut wood walls, expansive windows, and pendant chandeliers, provides an intimate banquet setting. For those seeking a touch of history, the Observation Deck allows guests to enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Pontchartrain. Messina’s at the Terminal provides a range of amenities for events, including wedding planning services, tables and chairs, linens, security, and a full kitchen facility. Additionally, the Conference Center with AV capabilities can accommodate up to 150 seated guests or 200 standing, making it an ideal setting for corporate events and conferences.

Art installation in New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Where Every Event Takes Flight

Lakefront Airport’s evolution from a historic aviation hub to a versatile event venue embodies the spirit of New Orleans. Lakefront Airport offers a one-of-a-kind setting that captures the spirit of New Orleans while celebrating its aviation legacy. Whether hosting weddings, corporate events, or other special occasions, its rich history, coupled with meticulous restoration efforts, has transformed it into a unique space that combines historical charm with modern amenities.