A Hub for Economic Development and Leasing Opportunities


Louisiana, with its vibrant transportation system, relies significantly on its airports to facilitate the seamless movement of people and goods. Lakefront Airport stands as a pivotal player in this network, contributing to the economic prosperity of the region through aviation activities and leasing opportunities. Not only a bustling hub for aviation but also a diverse community that houses a multitude of businesses, many companies, beyond aviation, have chosen Lakefront Airport as the base for their operations. Our commitment to sustained growth is evident in our comprehensive master plan, aimed at enhancing the airport’s capabilities and supporting economic development.

Aviation Activities and Facilities

Lakefront Airport boasts a range of facilities and services that support diverse aviation activities in the area, making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking long-term leasing opportunities:


Based Aircraft

78, 110

Annual Operations


(6,879 x 150 ft.)

Primary Runway




Weather Reporting

Lakefront Airport offers a range of aviation services, including charter/air taxi, fueling, flight instruction, rental, hangar facilities, tie-downs, maintenance, avionics support, and aircraft sales. The airport also hosts an FAA Testing Center, US Customs, and an industrial park.

Economic Impact of Lakefront Airport

Lakefront Airport is part of Louisiana’s extensive airport system, consisting of 68 airports, including seven commercial service airports and 61 general aviation airports. These airports collectively provide reliable access to 93 percent of Louisiana residents, accommodating a combination of million general aviation operations and commercial airline operations across the airport system.

The aviation activities at Lakefront Airport generate substantial economic benefits, contributing to jobs, payroll, and overall output. The airport’s economic impact is evident in various categories:

  • Visitor Output: $10.9 million
    Captures spending from both commercial airline visitors and those using general aviation, contributing to the local economy.

  • On-Airport Output: $25.3 million
    Involves businesses with employees, such as airlines, FBOs, flight schools, concessionaires, airport restaurants, and governmental agencies.

  • Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Output: $3.1 million
    Encompasses annual projects like runway rehabilitation, engaging people in construction, architecture, engineering, and consulting.

The multiplier effect amplifies these outputs, resulting in a total output of $66.6 million, providing employment to 614 individuals and a total payroll of $24.4 million.

Economic Development and Leasing

Numerous businesses already call Lakefront Airport home. The airport actively encourages the influx of diverse businesses, ensuring a dynamic ecosystem that contributes to economic growth. Current tenants include FBOs, flight schools, charter flights and helicopter tours, law and architectural firms, a mosquito control center, restaurant, and a state legislature office.

Terminal front entrance

Leasing Opportunities at Lakefront Airport

Lakefront Airport offers an array of leasing opportunities, featuring multiple buildings, hangars with aviation aspects, and a flexible terminal with office space. The security badging system ensures controlled access, providing a secure environment for tenants while maintaining openness to the public during specified hours.

Whether you’re looking for a strategic business location or seeking to lease aviation-related facilities, Lakefront Airport welcomes you to be part of our thriving community.

For all matters related to long-term leasing opportunities at Lakefront Airport, we encourage you to reach out to Louis Capo, the Executive Director at the Lakefront Management Authority.