Ensuring Airport Safety

Security & Airport Badging

At Lakefront Airport, safety and security are our top priorities. To ensure a secure environment for all passengers, employees, and visitors, we require all personnel who work within secure areas of the airport to obtain an official airport badge.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. If you see something or someone operating without a badge, please call airport operations at (504) 243-4010 between the hours of 0700-1600 or call the ARFF Captain at (504) 606-9264 after hours.

Airport badges play a crucial role in safeguarding the airport premises and everyone within it. They help regulate access to restricted areas, control the movement of personnel, and enhance overall security measures. By obtaining an airport badge, employees and authorized personnel contribute to the smooth functioning of the airport while ensuring the safety of passengers and colleagues alike.

Airport ID Badges are only essential for those who need to be on the airport operating area. This may include the following:

  • Student Pilots
  • FBO Employees
  • Through the Gate Operators
  • Contractors
  • Airport Employees

Please note that a badge is a privilege and not a right and can be revoked if you are not using it properly for your duties.

Gate access will be determined by where your plane is located or where your work is required on the airport. We do not grant access to all gates unless your duties require that you will need it. This is to cut down on vehicle traffic throughout the airport. All cards will be given 1 backup gate just in case your primary gate is out of service.

Please make sure to review the application guidelines carefully to understand the airport badge requirements and provide all necessary documents and information to expedite the process. If you have any questions or require assistance during the application process, our dedicated airport security team is here to help. Feel free to contact us at info@lakefrontairport.com.

To obtain your Airport ID Badge, please follow these steps:

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Questions & Support

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to airport security. By working together, we can maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone at Lakefront Airport.

For any inquiries or assistance during the application process, please contact us at info@lakefrontairport.com.

For international customs-related queries, please refer to the information below.

Hours of Operation

  • Customs is available 24 hours a day with prior coordination with the office located on New Orleans International Airport (MSY). This can be coordinated through your FBO or by emailing CBP.MSY@CBP.DHS.GOV.


  • New Orleans Lakefront Airport does not currently have any fees for the usage of International Customs on site or regulated waste disposal.

  • Please note that the customs office located on Lakefront Airport is not continually manned and coordination with their office at MSY is mandatory or you will not be provided with any international services.