To learn more about our work with rivers and freshwater, click here. Rivers are important because they transport water, provide habitat, support economic activities and enable transportation. I talk about Environmental problems, Nature and Life. Rivers are used for the more obvious tasks, such as collecting water and collecting food. Many social benefits derived from rivers are dependent on good ‘all The uses are: 1. Rivers can be used for lots of good things, like sailing boats on them to trade goods with other towns on the river, and farming on land that has been made fertile by the river, but when there are heavy rains and the river is very full they can be dangerous; rivers do a lot of damage when they flood. Thank you. Boating? External freight trade became concentrated in estuarine ports rather than in inland ports when oceangoing vessels increased in size. In horses, snake poison is injected into horses. In the water-use cycle, water moves from a source to a point of use, and then to a point of disposition. Then they return the water to the river at overheated temperatures. We need to take certain steps to save our rivers. We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website and to help us provide the best possible experience for users. A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. But even in the UK, over three quarters of our rivers fail to meet required health standards and face multiple threats – putting an increasing pressure on the diverse wildlife that call our beautiful rivers home: from kingfishers to otters and brown trout. 2. The Hoover Dam, on the Nevada-Arizona border, is over the Colorado River. By working with HSBC and the state-owned TGD (Three Gorges Dam) company, we worked to change how the dam operated, so that it mimicked the natural flow of the river. But How? Intermittent rivers are the rivers which flow only certain times of a year. Rivers are absolutely vital: for fresh drinking water, for people’s livelihoods and for nature. There are awareness programmes for people to make them understand the importance of rivers. This is often done by the use dams, sluices, levees and diversion channels in densely populated, low-lying areas to prevent flooding, or for business and agricultural purposes. From fishing to agriculture, the way we manage our waterways has a direct impact on people’s lives. Rivers drain nearly 75% of the earth's land surface. Voles, Ducks, Beavers, and otters make their homes on the banks of the rivers. We’re working with HSBC in Kanpur, India, to help more than 30 factories involved in the production of leather reduce their water use and pollution, benefitting the environment, workers and the local community with access to clean flowing water. And also excessive rainfall in some places and dryness in some other places. People use different techniques for fishing mainly hand-gathering,  spearfishing,  netting, angling, and trapping. People. One of the ways we can save rivers is by cleaning the banks of the rivers first. I have written how Water Energy is used as Renewable Energy and Its importance in why is Renewable energy is important for the future article. Students are encouraged to explain their thinking; before using the information to then look at river use conflicts. In some cases a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of water. 2. We read about the early civilizations, especially those developed on the river banks only because people found food such as fish and other animals and water for drinking and other purposes to live. River - River - Significance to trade, agriculture, and industry: The historical record includes marked shifts in the appreciation of rivers, numerous conflicts in use demand, and an intensification of use that rapidly accelerated during the 20th century. River - River - Significance to trade, agriculture, and industry: The historical record includes marked shifts in the appreciation of rivers, numerous conflicts in use demand, and an intensification of use that rapidly accelerated during the 20th century. Dirty water containing chemicals is put back in the river. Floodplains provided fertile soil for crops, and the system called irrigation allowed people to use rivers to water their fields. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Human management and manipulation of rivers is also sometimes used to bend a river. We must commit to recovering freshwater biodiversity, restoring natural river flows and cleaning up polluted water for people and nature to thrive. Humans know the importance of river since the pre-historic age. On World Rivers Day, we celebrate the world’s precious waterways. Similar settlement in the Tigris-Euphrates and Nile valleys dates back to at least 6000 bp (years before present). The rivers are cause to increase the possibility of flooding. It is 726 feet tall and stores 21 million acre-feet of water in the 115 miles long Lake Mead reservoir, behind the dam. Rivers In the news Deaths Damage Effect on man Food Water 5. River deltas have been important to humans for thousands of years because of their extremely fertile soils. Human beings have an impact on river ecosystems. Freshwater habitats account for some of the richest biodiversity in the world, and rivers are a vital, vibrant ecosystem for many species. This boosted the carp population and allowed people to continue living off the river, when previously their livelihoods were at stake. Rivers play a major role in our day to day life, but we least realize the importance of rivers. 3 stages of the river The journey of river from source (where the river begins) to mouth (where the river ends) is sometimes called the course of the river. Subterranean rivers flow underneath the ground in caverns or in caves. Creeks, Brooks and Streams Provides fertile soil Why are rivers so important? River narrow and shallow Large rocks in the river. View our Cookie Policy for more information, Sign up to get the latest WWF news delivered straight to your inbox. This has been happening from the ages, Countries like India depend more on agriculture. Rivers are part of human’s culture. Rivers are not just important for the animals and birds to live, but also it is the main source of drinking water. The Nile river used to be the longest river in the world and Amazon river is the second longest. So there is uncertainty in climate conditions which lead to irrigation. Countries which depend mostly on agriculture use rivers for watering the crops and fields. There are reasons why agriculture depends on river water rather than rainfall and other sources. The high flow of water makes turbine rotate which generates electricity. River water Irrigation is much-needed for some thirsty plants like jute and paddy. Shares. 16 Unimaginable Economic Impacts Of Solar Energy. External freight trade became concentrated in estuarine ports rather than in inland ports when oceangoing vessels increased in size. Thousands of years ago, early humans settled by lowland rivers and later used them for transport from one settlement to another, and for power to drive flour mills and other machinery. The United States stays at 5th position in producing fishes and its products in the world. And also India has a number of rivers which are used for agriculture. Finke river in australia is the oldest river in the world with age between 350 to 400 years. Many rare plants and trees grow by rivers. Not just India, I should have to say, many countries are really depending on agriculture and only a few are not. Life sustaining: Apart from the fact that rivers provide us with a ready source of potable drinking water, there’s the additional fact that we can use the river as a means for obtaining food.
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