For those on the colder half of zone 4 (zone 4a to be precise) that don’t want to risk it with Gold cherry, go with Danube. Pests & Diseases: Bacterial Canker can damage Cherry trees. Danube Cherry A selection from Hungary, where delicious cherries have been grown for centuries. SUREFIRE First tart cherry introduction from the Geneva station. Danube® has a sweeter flavor and higher sugar content than other tarts and can be eaten out of hand. Sweet Cherries on Colt rootstock can grow to 12-15 ft. in height. A royalty of $1.25 is added to the price of this tree. Native to Canada, the Evans (Evans Bali in the United States) cherry tree is a dwarf variety that produces dark red 1-inch fruit that is perfect for jams, sauces and … The first one I lost succumbed to root rot. Tart cherries usually belong to the species Prunus cerasus, whereas sweet cherries are in the species Prunus avium. Tree is more open, much easier to pick; good for the PYO trade. It is delicous eaten fresh or in baked goods. Bearing Age: 2 – 3 years after planting. The tree is compact and spreading. Medium to large fruits bright red in color. With a higher Brix rating than many sweet varieties, ‘Juliet,’ although technically a sour hybrid, may be your answer to a cold hardy sweet cherry – as long as you don’t mind a tart undertone. Matures about 2 weeks after Montmorency. I wish I was able to grow them here in the northeast (mid-atlantic region). With a spreading growth habit, Danube cherries are very heavy bearing and make for better quality pies than Montmorency (although Montmorency dried cherries are slightly better). Discover (and save!) Compact Stella, Hungarian and Pie Cherries will be smaller. Apricot Trees; Apple Trees; Cider Apple Trees; Sweet Cherry Trees; Tart Cherry Trees At OGW we offer a diversity of food plants and their companions from around the world. This tree does indeed survive the cold winter temperatures of Colorado's Front Range (Denver area), and blooms late to avoid spring frosts. Because of its hybrid genetics, the fruits from this tree are tart but also extremely sweet, creating a wonderfully complex and deep flavor. A morello-type tart cherry developed specifically for growing in the colder zones of North America. We support local food sovereignty- grow your own One Green World! It ripens a week before Montmorency and 5 days after Jubileum®. Tart cherry juice has high levels of melatonin, which is known to help with sleep deprivation . The beautiful, ... View full details from $32.99 . Add your comments Visitor reviews. We offer unique and rare fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and vines. Because of its sour taste it is found used in cherry desserts, cherry pies and other cherry-based recipes. Details Shipping Information SELF FERTILE. Danube. Danube tart cherry trees for sale. This unique, self-fertile variety is one of Hungary’s favorites. Ripens in mid-July. Tart cherry extract is effective for treating insomnia . Good quality and flavor. Pie cherry, tart cherry and dwarf cherry are some common names of the Sour cherry. Tart cherries often have good levels of healthy anthocyanins. When it becomes light again, the body reduces melatonin production, which signals that it’s time to wake. Bright red and juicy best describe this early maturing tart cherry. 2020©ONE GREEN WORLD. This unique, self-fertile variety of Cherry is one of Hungary's favorites. Danube™ bears abundant crops of large, juicy, glossy dark-red fruit with semi-firm flesh and delicious, sweet-tart flavor. … The cherries are bright red, with a juicy dark red flesh. This unique, self-fertile variety is one of Hungary’s favorites. Pollination Requirements: Danube Cherry ™ is self-fertile. Plant Danube Cherry ™ bears abundant crops of large, juicy, glossy dark-red fruit with semi-firm flesh and delicious, sweet-tart flavor. Jan 12, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by PJ MacGregor. The cherry is a great source of vitamin C but also contains vitamin A, calcium, protein, and iron. Rootstock Description: Colt is considered a semi-dwarf rootstock which produces trees about 80% of standard size.
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