Deals & savings. Sold items. European Union. Completed items. Category (48) Appliances (47) Home (1) Home Improvement (48) ... Hargrove Remote Control Receiver Heat Shield w/Fiber Cover and Base. To increase the efficiency of your wood heater, consider using our fireplace heat shield insert. This adjustable 6 in. Exhaust wraps, turbo shields, hose sleeves, engine bay temperature decrease and heat protection. Based in Kent, England, our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the latest technology to provide our customers with the highest level of service and quality. High-performance automotive thermal insulation. Refine Your Search. The 1" air space I believe is needed for a wall shield, not a mantle shield. Worldwide. Save on shipping Free shipping within the UK applies to orders over £ 140 … 500mm x 500mm #EASH1. $899.99. A fireplace mantel is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. You can find everything from wood-burning stoves, which have changed little for centuries, to modern inset fireplaces which sit in your wall like a work of art. Our mantel about our gas fireplace does the same thing. An example of a heat shield would be a fireplace hood. MantleFlect Shield is capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiant heat. The vitreous enamel surface and convection system boast excellent thermal properties and does not crack, permanently distort or discolour when exposed to the heat of the stove. We can supply both Vlaze and Invicta heat shields which are suitable for a wide range of stoves. Click to expand... Trust. The guy at the shop said I could go to a sheet metal fabrication place and have a custom shield created that would be more attractive and doesn't require use of surround panels. – Doresoom Dec 19 '11 at 15:10 However, it has to be protected from the fire that it frames. A fireplace mantel comes with detailed installation instructions that you should study before installing it. Delivery options. Shimmyhill. It was quick, clean, and looks great. Alchemy Parts Heat Shield Sheet 100cm x 33cm - Self Adhesive Exhaust & Engine Aluminium - Reflective - Ideal for Motorbike Motorcycle Fairing and Car 4.4 out of 5 … 325mm x 1000mm #EASH4 A wood stove heat shield surround can be made made from tiles, stone, metal or vitreous enamel panels and can help create a stunning fireplace style. Ideal for exhaust manifold and turbo shields, Bulkheads, Electrical protection and shielding, Lining tunnels, protecting brake and fuel lines and components. And that … Cut the hat channel to the height of the heat shield and fasten it to the wall with 21/2-inch screws. Show only. When installed the shield reduces the stoves distance to a combustible material to 100mm. see all. UK Only. Oct 5, 2014 - i either need to move my mantle or install a heat shield. to make very efficient heat shields and barriers. Fireplace hoods are known to be a great heat deflector and will redirect the heat coming from your fireplace. I have a log burner and am looking to install a wood mantle above it, ... substantially lowered with a simple heat shield constructed of a non-combustible material and small air gap between the shield and combustible material. It's easy to install, just cut the shield to your size requirements and use the included hardware to attach it to your mantel. £6.31 to … Invicta heat shields come in two sizes. The fireplace heat shield can protect your mantel, wall, as well as any decorative commodities around your fireplace. 0.5mm Thickness Thermaflect Heat Shield Cloth Aluminum Fiberglass Heat Shield Protection with Self-Adhesive Backing Heat Barrier 1 Square Foot (12" x 12") 4.3 out of 5 stars 51 $12.99 $ 12 . Ehrler added, “We can do simple colors or custom colors.” The average mantel costs between $275 and $400 (without installation) depending upon size and coloring. Free Click & Collect. Jotul Mantel Heat Shield Kit - Part# 155346 This is a mantel heat shield kit for Jotul units. View Larger Image. Using an appropriate heat shield will allow for these distances to be reduced to those prescribed within the newly released BS8303 standard, and in doing so ensuring adequate protection to adjacent combustible materials is maintained at all time, in compliance with J4 Protection of Building, stipulated in the UK Building Regulations requirements. Advertisement. shop in. MantelFlect Shield will also protect the finish on your mantle centerpiece and prevent the wood from drying out and cracking. Vlaze is the original wall mounted heat shield, tried, tested and durable. x 46 in. Free postage. 1000mm x 500mm #EASH2. However,… Create a feature for your fireplace using our gloss vitreous enamel wall panels Available in 3 standard sizes and 30 unique finishes Bespoke sizes available on request. Heat can also be an issue inside the car too. Heat shields for wood stoves and fireplace surrounds come in various forms and are designed to shield the areas around fireplaces and wood burning stoves from excess heat. We have a similar heat shield to your brass one, but its color matches our fireplace. At Key Performance Parts, we love to help dedicated motorists to personalise their cars, which is why we offer a wide range of car styling products.We’re also passionate about making sure that our customers drive safely and keep their cars in good condition, which is why we have a variety of performance car parts and car heat protection solutions. Heat Shields To reduce the required distance between the back of the stove and the combustible material behind you can use a Heat Shield. In-store: set your location. Vlaze is the original wall mounted heat shield, tried, tested and durable. Magnetic Shields are leading specialists in the manufacture of bespoke Mu metal® magnetic shielding and the supply of Mu metal® sheet, foil and bar. see all. D-Art Collection Oxford Fireplace Mantle 71" Mantle heat shields from manufacturers I have seen mount against the mantle or insert surround etc., to keep the hot/warm air from rising directly to the wood mantle. Car Heat Shields To Keep Your Components Safe. If you have a fireplace insert , or are looking to install one to improve the efficiency of your home heating, the manufacturer clearly dictates mantel clearances in their installation instructions. Seems to me it would be pointless to let hot air rise behind it and have a direct path to the mantle. With our MantleFlect™ fireplace heat shield, you can protect your home, mantle, and mounted televisions from overheating and cracking by reflecting up to 90 percent of the radiant heat. This is the Jotul Mantel Heat Shield Kit, part number 155346. Vlaze wall mounted heat shilds and inset stove surrounds are designed to be placed behind the stove. Shield your mantle and surrounding woodwork from the heat of the stove with a Homesaver Mantel Shield. Returns accepted. 99 Available at Old Hall Performance. "fireplace heat shield mantle" & marketplace (48) Only. Apr 21, 2015 - fireplace+deflector+shield | Fireplace Shields For Mantels By protecting a combustible wall behind from the heat they allow you to install your stove at a closer distance which is really handy if you need to make the most of the space in the room. 1000mm x 1000mm #EASH3. The best place to install a mantel will be at least 12 inches away from the top of the fireplace. Certain competition vehicles may suffer from heat caused by a central exhaust system or from hot engine components being near the bulkhead or firewall. With a HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield you can dramatically reduce the clearances required for both stovepipe and unlisted stoves. But best of all, the new mantle now protects our television from the fireplace heat. up one level. A-Team Performance 13575 Adhesive Backed Aluminized Fiberglass Heat Shield Barrier Up To 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit Multi-Purpose Compatible with Firewall Hoods Hoses and … I just put in an order for an Avalon Ranier 45 insert and I'm going to need a heat shield for the mantle but want to avoid the need to use the surround panels. guarantees high-quality Exhaust heat shield at very attractive prices. A mantel heat shield will prevent your mantel from becoming too warm. The non-combustible feature of metal shelves makes these a popular choice for fireplaces as they provide a lower placement option for televisions by providing protection from the heat. HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield Safety is the most important concern when installing a stove or any other heating appliance. Create a feature for your fireplace using our gloss vitreous enamel wall panels Available in 3 standard sizes and 30 unique finishes Bespoke sizes available on request. It will also prevent any discoloration to your mantel due to heat. Excessive heat is a sure path to shortening the life of your electrical device, so protect that HD TV from excessive heat. Sold by shopchimney. current chimney is painted white. Aspect 4 - Flue and Rear Heat Shield Kit Vlaze We are proud stockists of VLAZE, please call us on 0208 684 1495 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements. Step 2 Cut Backerboard Cut two sheets of backerboard to the dimensions of your heat shield. It does nothing to help prevent the mantel from getting overheated. 13 Nov 2016 at 15:40 #6. ... Oak Mantle Beam Fireplace - Lintel Floating Shelf Mantelpiece Wooden Shelf. Jotul Mantel Heat Shield Kit. There is a fire to fit in every home, whether youre looking for a more natural way to heat than boring radiators, or looking to add some serious style to your home with a feature fireplace. Available in four sheet sizes. fireplace hood comes with surface mount to ensure the safety and longevity of your mantel or hearth surround, MantleFlect Shield Silver - Mantle and TV Heat Shield – 5 in. (X2) Sheet Size Are you worried about overheating your TV Are you worried about overheating your TV or mantle above your fireplace? Measures: 47" Wide x 10" Face Depth x 2 3/4" Wide Angled Lip; Fits most applications; Finish: Black Browse our range of Heatshield Products. start with one of our Shelf or Mantel Styles Fully customizable floating metal shelves and mantels are designed to add character and function to any room. Measurements: XREF Links - Do Not Remove, Alter, or Add Content Below Red Line. This quality Fireplace Hood by Elite protects your mantel and surround by insulating them against the heat generated by fires, and can also be used with vent-free gas logs. Don’t be, Introducing MantleFlect Shield from Heatshield Products.
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