They need to be comfortable being on their feet for long stretches of time and lifting and carrying heavy things. assisting patients with daily personal, medical, and household tasks; creating a safe environment to prevent falls and accidents A home health aide enables an ailing person to stay in his or her home rather than move into a facility. A home health aide’s duties can range from monitoring a patient’s condition to teaching the patient (or the family) how to adjust to their current reality, for example, by teaching the patient how to bathe or walk with a walker. Focused on maintaining patient care requirements. Even if you aren’t living with them, keeping an area tidy can help you get around quickly in case of an emergency. You may assist with all manner of life’s details in ways that will give you access to parts of their lives that only their most intimate companions are familiar with. Knowing how to talk to patients and build good relationships with them is essential to being a home health aide. A home health aide is on the front lines with patients in vulnerable states. Getting through the education can be an expensive venture for some, but the benefits of becoming a home health aide often outweigh the cost of training. A home health aide works in the home of their client Mrs. Thompson, who is terminally ill. One day a neighbor asks the health aide if Mrs. Thompson is very ill. Mrs. Amos needs help with bathing, dressing, making meals, and cleaning her apartment. ©2020 DeltaQuest Media. Try your best to remain positive, even if things aren’t going as well as they could; remember that it’s important to keep your work life and your personal life separate to avoid getting burnt out. These aides have greater responsibility for noting and reporting changes in client condition. Call (954) 533-9608 Marlene Training center to get your home health aide certificate. Home health aides who work at comprehensive home care agencies must learn additional skills such as reading and recording vitals, assisting with positioning and range of motion, and transferring clients and assisting them in moving about. Arguably one of the most important skills is time management. Incontinent patients may require cleanups. Visit PayScale to research home health aide hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. A home health aide is assigned to assist in taking care of Mrs. Amos, an 87­year­old woman who is a widow and lives alone. An Elite CafeMedia Publisher - Update Privacy Preferences. Growing old or ill or becoming injured (or, in some cases, all of the above) can be scary and alienating. It’s actually very simple. Some specialize in geriatric care or pediatric home health. For example, aides need to remember and follow the directions of a patient’s healthcare practitioner. CareerAddict is a registered trademark of DeltaQuest Media. The most successful resumes showcase a professional demeanor, a supportive personality, patience, and good communication and interpersonal skills. You wouldn’t have this job if you weren’t trained or knowledgeable, but keeping up to date and taking refresher courses can also help you land higher paying jobs later. Sometimes your patient will require lifting, or you’ll have to move furniture or other heavy objects. There are over 3,779 home health aide life skills careers waiting for you to apply! You’ll be asked to meet many of your client's non-medical needs as well. An RN supervisor will need to verify and certify competency in all advanced skills that are to be performed (unless the person performing them is licensed as a nurse). address: The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland. Being a home health aide worker is about more than just the patient’s health. Home Health Aide Resume Making Guide 1. All of these tasks require someone who is a clear speaker and a good listener. Monitors patient condition by observing physical and mental condition, intake and output, and exercise. A home health aide cares for people who have disabilities, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments, or age-related problems, who have the need or desire to still live in their own home. They may also attend doctor’s appointments with the patient, which will require them to understand some of the medical information the doctor shares. Home Health Aide Job Responsibilities: Enables patients to stay in their homes by monitoring and recording patient condition, providing support and personal services, and teaching families. You’ll be in people’s homes in extremely intimate ways. All of these duties require patience, compassion, medical knowledge, and a variety of other skills. But depending on their situation, they may not be able to prepare or consume the food they need without assistance. ... Restorative Skills. Your patient isn’t always going to want to do as you say or recommend. Home health aides assist clients who are unable to care for themselves or perform daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, and bathing. Communication is important for a home health aide in many ways. Professional Summary Compassionate Certified Home Health Aide with a wide range of medical care skills applicable to positions in public and private healthcare environments. Related skills needed for the job include. This requires a variety of both hard and soft skills.
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