I would highly recommend this dentist’s office to anyone. I told her how anxious I was about getting my procedure and she was so understanding and comforting. Flexible partial dentures are dental prosthesis made of thermoplastic nylon resin called polyamides used in professional dentistry since 1954. The staff helps make this dentist office a top notch place for care! My dental hygienist , Loan, is excellent. But the process of getting them takes months. Cleaning Problems. They easily slip. I was skeptical about keeping my appointment but I am glad I went. nterior teeth and soreness and stripping of the lingual tissues beneath the major connector. Dentures that fit poorly make eating, drinking, and even speaking challenging. 10 stars without a doubt. I was... read moreI was very impressed by the way the staff handled patients during COVID-19. I recently got braces and my  teeth look and feel great every time I leave her chair, even now with braces – she’s amazing.”, Absolutely incredible experience! The administrative staff is... read moreThis is a cute Old house-turned-dentist-office in the heart of Midtown. At first, it may feel like you’ve got a foreign object in your mouth. This is a great place. ” They are all very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. If immediately gagging it’s a fit issue. While dentures do not cause oral sores, they can exacerbate some oral conditions. One of the best cleaning experiences I've had.... read moreStaff is very friendly and kind here! Schedule an appointment with your dentist or denturist if you notice odors that linger even after a thorough cleaning-this may indicate a defect in the material. read less, Staff is very friendly and kind here! Watch for any raw spots, inflammation, or bleeding. If your dentures don’t fit as they should, or the fit changes suddenly, they likely need a slight adjustment to alleviate the pain or discomfort. Your dentures should look as natural as possible — and show just the right amount of teeth. associated with a lower partial denture. Made me feel extremely comfortable. I have a lot of dental anxiety and she is very caring, professional and excellent at her job. And partial dentures should stay in line with your natural teeth without significant movement. But if you notice increased difficulty chewing later on, it may indicate a need to refit your dentures to the exact shape of your gums. It is a bit far for me coming from inside the loop, but Dr. Truong and this office are worth the drive for me! Denture adhesive is often used by people to give themselves reassurance that dentures will stay in place the whole day. Once you’re over that hump, though, they should begin to feel so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. So if you notice changes to your cheeks’ or jawline’s appearance, your dentures likely need adjustment. Acquiring a secure and comfortable upper/lower denture is not as assured as one would like to assume. Wonderful staff. One of the best cleaning experiences I've had.... Staff is very friendly and kind here! Overall good experience. Dentures allow many individuals to speak, eat, and smile normally. I'm extremely satisfied with them and give them a 5-star rating! Denture adhesives can be used by now and can help you feel more comfortable. He has an amazing talent and has done extensive work on me. Usually this care includes daily brushing and regular rinsing (sometimes with a specialized cleaning solution, though clean water often suffices). Everyone there makes you feel comfortable and at ease. These speech issues should disappear as you become used to the dentures. Perfect Denture Fit When patients are inspired by your work, that's your reward. Ashley the dental assistant was so prepared and amazing. Wearing ill-fitting dentures can increase air intake and cause flatulence. Stacy is pleasant... read moreI would absolutely recommend Midtown Dentistry located downtown in the Esperson building. Highly recommend! Your teeth are always changing shape because of wear caused by eating and drinking, which can lead to your dentures not fitting properly. Dental experts estimate that more than 20 million Americans wear dentures. Stacy is pleasant and works hard to take care of the front desk and to make sure that everything is set up so that your visit is a pleasant one. Great experience as always! She talked me through what to... read moreAshley the dental assistant was so prepared and amazing. My hygienist, Saira, was amazing! First time this has happened in my life. The procedure to fit implant-supported dentures involves dental surgery and may take up to six months to complete, according to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP). Not only have they been extremely friendly, but they went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction to the point that I drive 40 minutes to come to this specific location. My best dental experience ever. Also look for any staining. Your bottom dentures float above your gums, but they should stay in your mouth easily. Dentures don’t have to be a bad thing. Pressure from the dentures should be distributed evenly across your gums. Pressure sores will develop in places on your gums where the dentures put more pressure on certain areas of your gums. The office was very clean as usual. I called Midtown dentistry in Pearland this afternoon and they told me to bring her right over. At first, you may not be quite sure what to do. I never had this issue with my real teeth. The administrative staff is extremely kind, welcoming, and accommodating. Very warm and professional. 4. I’ve inquired for whitening and found the prices to be quite a bit higher, also on new retainers as well (double). I really appreciate her and that’s why I request her for my cleanings. Your dentist at Midtown Dentistry in Houston, TX can help you deal with common denture problems to help make your denture experience pleasant. Denture Occlusion is the culprit with most unsuccessful denture fittings. You may use adhesive but make sure you are not using adhesive as a replacement for well fitting dentures. Fitting an Implant-Supported Denture. So, it can be a better option to remove the few remaining teeth and fit the patient with a complete set of dentures. One of the best cleaning experiences I've had. My hygienist did a wonderful job.... Great experience as always! This not only hurts, but the sores could become infected. Everyone is friendly, caring and very professional. However, if they return or you experience any other speech pattern changes, you may need an adjustment. Staff is very friendly and kind here! She talked me through what to... Ashley the dental assistant was so prepared and amazing. Dentures are removable false teeth made of acrylic (plastic), nylon or metal. I cannot eat or talk well because they fit so badly. Additional reasons for ill fitting dentures leading to looseness could include: 1. Find out more at http://www.oncore-dental.com Care for your dentures according to the manufacturer’s and your dentist’s recommendations. Everyone I interacted with (receptionist, hygienist, assistant, doctor) took time to explain all the details of my checkup, each step of the process as they worked, and basic oral care. This is totally normal, but you should schedule an appointment with a dentist to get them realigned. read less, Great experience as always! Use only a small amount. I have been coming here for over 6 years. Thank you Midtown Dentistry! But denture adhesives should not be used to fix old or poorly fitting dentures - and should generally be avoided. Do not bend your dentures in an attempt to change the fit-this may crack them. Not every accident claims an entire tooth-you may notice chips, pitting, or cracks instead. read less, My mother has severe dementia, and I discovered that she had a tooth digging into... read moreMy mother has severe dementia, and I discovered that she had a tooth digging into the opposite gum causing pain and eating difficulty. Dentures feel like this for everyone in the first few weeks. I'm actually looking forward to my next dental appointment. While your dentures may never feel as comfortable as your natural teeth, they shouldn’t cause any discomfort. Loan is the best dental hygienist I have ever had. These may not threaten your denture’s function, but they do create sharp, uneven surfaces that irritate or cut oral soft tissues. The results of a poorly provided reline are what creates a large segment of denture problems.” Can DenSureFit help my lower denture fit better? read less, This is a cute Old house-turned-dentist-office in the heart of Midtown.
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