That last phrase is important in Alaska. These five days are the only time personal vehicles are allowed to drive past Savage River (Mile 15). WIN OUR DENALI ROAD LOTTERY TICKET! This photo essay captures the essence of Denali National Park and the excitement and beauty of the road lottery. This year, in addition to the normal services and road lottery, select days will be available to drive the park road. Read More. This may be the year you’ll be able to drive your own car (or a rental) on the Denali Park Road. Hundreds of kids and their families are headed to Arizona for a soccer tournament with 500 teams. Each September the park hosts a multi-day event called "Road Lottery." There are also Transit Buses and Tourist Buses, and except during the Denali Road Lottery, they are the only vehicles allowed on the sole road, a 92-mile stretch of dirt and gravel, that […] Reply The best Alaska cruise shore excursions - Sarah Sees The World December 22, 2019 - 12:23 pm It wasn’t sustainable to handle that many visitors, and was a danger to wildlife, so the Denali Road Lottery Permit system was implemented. To get a chance at this amazing adventure, you must apply for the Denali Road Lottery and if you are lucky you’ll win. In the past few years the applications were submitted in May. A visit to Denali National Park is a bucket list trip for many. 08 September 2020; Eielson Transit Bus 30 August 2020; Looking for hiking buddy or buddies 30 August 2020; Looking for a hiking buddy 30 August 2020 You can drive your own rig all the way back to Kantishna. A weekend in Denali for the first snowfall September 2007. Box 9 Denali Park, AK 99755 * Entries must be postmarked no later than June 30, and must arrive by July 7 to be included in the drawing. Denali Road Lottery Once a year, in late September, Denali National Park opens up the Park to private vehicles. You can now submit an application for the Denali Road Lottery Gilbert Cordova 6/3/2020. The names of individuals selected for permits will be posted on the park website by July 15. Answer 1 of 14: I know I won a permit for the road lottery for this year, just not sure which day yet. We plan to go again this year assuming we get selected in the lottery. The Denali Road Lottery is a special event hosted by the National Park Service for a few days in mid September and the best way to see the park! The application period for the 2020 Road Lottery program at Denali National Park and Preserve is now open through June 30. Official notice is supposed to go out Monday but this seems like a pretty good sign! Every year, on the second Friday after labor day, the National Park Service opens the Denali Road to privately owned vehicles. Every September, the National Park Service holds a 5-day event, the Denali Road Lottery, to allow permit holders access to the end of the road, 92.5 miles down, all the way in Kantishna, Alaska. Once a year, right after the summer shuttle buses stop running in September, Denali National Park opens to personal cars. Denali National Park and Preserve (Denali) is moving into the 2020 summer season and increasing the opening of park facilities while monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, said park officials. In the past few years the applications were submitted in May. Road Lottery P.O. I saw everything from big RV’s to a mini cooper. The four consecutive days of the Road Lottery always begin the second Friday after Labor Day. Photo courtesy National Park Service. Denali National Park might be a little different than other national parks you’ve visited. Denali Road Lottery. Denali Road Lottery Denali National Park (aka Mount McKinley National Park) is not open to private vehicle traffic...except the last weekend of the season. I've been on the road on shuttle buses a bunch so I know the road is in pretty good shape. Both the GF and I entered and we both have pending charges from the dept of rec. The Denali Road Lottery is a special 5-day event in Denali National Park. Scammers are "selling" Denali Road Lottery passes, taking online payment, no delivery. Box 9 Denali Park, AK 99755. The lottery entries and drawings are handled through www. Visit Denali National Park Like A Local During Road Lottery Gaming The Denali National Park Road Lottery 9 Tips For Maximizing Your Denali Road Lottery Experience. Although the park is 6 million acres in size (the third-largest in the US), there’s only one road, the 92.5-mile Denali Park Road. It allows park visitors to drive their own vehicles down the 92-mile park road to Kantishna (permitting weather and road conditions). For more information visit the Denali … Denali Road Lottery. What is the Denali Road Lottery? I entered the lottery today. Images from Denali National Park's Road Lottery, Friday, the 16th of September, 2016. Why is the Denali Road Lottery special? For four days after the close of the regular park season, September 16 19 this year, four hundred vehicles per day have the opportunity to drive all the way to Wonder Lake, or 82 miles, weather permitting. But as you can guess, if the opening was unregulated everyone would rush in with chaos resulting. If using the mail, submit entries early to make certain they arrive in time!
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