The company donates once per month to an animal-related charity, through its Pawlanthropy effort. We give The Honest Kitchen cat food a 39 out of 60 rating or a B- grade. I spent time combing through the different offerings to really get a feel for this company and its food. Compared to most other grain-type ingredients, it is high in protein (about 12-18%), dietary fiber and other healthy nutrients. This is a company that sticks to its word. It employs pet lovers to carry out its duties because they know what it means to pet owners to give their pets proper nutrition. Our human grade pet food is … It’s no doubt that loyal customers are head-over-heels in love with The Honest Kitchen. The end result was this completely transparent, honest company known as The Honest Kitchen. Plus, it still has some protein in the mix so your dog is getting plenty of what he needs. The first ingredient in this dog food is dehydrated chicken. Add nutrition, taste and texture to top off any meal The Honest Kitchen’s mission is to provide minimally processed food to keep the nutrition in and the risk of contaminants out. The only complaint that is echoed by many dog owners is the price of the food, which is more than many ultra-premium dog food formulas. So, judging by its ingredients alone, the Honest Kitchen Dog Food appears to be a superior product. All Brand Reviews. The Honest Kitchen was kind enough to send me a sample of Prowl dehydrated cat food. Some products do not have meat, and you can add your own organic protein to make the best homemade organic dog food. The Honest Kitchen ensures that its recipes meet AAFCO standards, so nothing is left behind and your dog is getting the necessary nutrition. The main reason pet owners purchase this product from The Honest Kitchen is the high quality of the ingredients. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Whole Food Clusters Dog Food – Ranch Raised Beef 20 lb at Although taurine is not typically considered essential in canines, some dogs have been shown to be deficient in this critical nutrient. Leave a Reply “Is the Honest Kitchen healthy for my dog?”. What’s not to love! It has since moved to the old Wonderbread Factory that is located in the East Village of San Diego. The company’s foods are all-natural and made from whole food ingredients, without the use of … In this base mix, you’ll find sweet potatoes, organic coconut, spinach, pumpkin, bananas, and other super-healthy foods to add into a meal. Wellness vs. And she does too. In this article, we'll explore The Honest Kitchen ingredients and answer many of … Nourish your pet with the same quality of food you demand for yourself. For example, a 10lb bag of dog food (which makes 40-48lbs of fresh food) can cost from $60 – $80. The Honest Kitchen Cat Food is a line of holistic dehydrated, human-grade pet food. Please note that this dog food is a little different. To properly compare Wellness and The Honest Kitchen, we'll use up-to-date nutritional and price information.. We do not accept money, gifts, samples or other incentives in exchange for special consideration in preparing our reviews. Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 28%, a fat level of 17% and estimated carbohydrates of about 47%. box actually makes 16 lbs. Honest Kitchen Grain Free Fish [M] I am not a fan of grain free food so I want to try their foods with grain. Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken, organic quinoa, dehydrated sweet potatoes, dehydrated spinach, dried parsley, dehydrated organic kelp, minerals [tricalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, potassium iodide, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite], taurine, vitamins [vitamin E supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5), riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin D3 supplement], EPA, DHA, Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 7%. This company is not only a leader in the breakthrough of dehydrated foods for dogs, but it also provides some of the healthiest, wholesome ingredients for dogs. The Honest Kitchen. The Honest Kitchen is also very eco-friendly. That’s what I call top-notch nutrition! In a simple answer, yes! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Turkey Dog Food 10 lb - Keen at *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. The next ingredient is sweet potato. Much like the benefits of dehydrated fruits, veggies, and seeds to humans, dehydrated dog food gives dogs all the nutritional benefits of raw foods without cooking them away. July 2, 2013 // by Pamela. In this comparison article for Wellness vs The Honest Kitchen, we'll highlight the key differences between these two pet food brands. The Honest Kitchen. The second ingredient is quinoa. Think of it as a side dish, like you’d have with your dinner! For more information, please visit our Disclaimer and Disclosure page. Parsley from an outside supplier was recalled for possible salmonella, so the Honest Kitchen recalled the products the parsley may have found its way into as a precaution. The company only uses human-edible components and produces all its products in a human food manufacturing facility. What I found was a unique form of food creation that really helps maintain the integrity of the ingredients The Honest Kitchen uses. They get excited for mealtimes and gobble up the smooth pate. Lucy seemed to understand, well before others in the industry, how healthy dehydrated food is for dogs. According to The Honest Kitchen dog food reviews, Preference Dehydrated Dog Base Mix is one of the most popular varieties to purchase. Over a period of 1 to 2 weeks or so, start by adding just a small amount of The Honest Kitchen leads the industry in human-grade food for dogs, and at a price that doesn’t break the bank like many homemade dog food delivery companies will. All you need to do is add some water, and your dog can enjoy the food! Dehydrated chicken is considered a meat concentrate and contains more than four times as much protein as fresh chicken. Product reviews on its website make that clear, but so do reviews on Chewy, Amazon, Yelp, Swaggable, and more. The Honest Kitchen dog foods are a bit more expensive than others, but I consider the cost to be well worth it if you aren’t on a strict budget. The company has its roots in San Diego where it began in a beach cottage. The Honest Kitchen base mixes are expensive; they do offer a referral program where you can earn coupons when your affluent friends purchase their food based on your referral code. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events. The foods are truly some of the best you can buy for your dog. Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews: Is Dehydrated Food The Best Choice? A Final Word. Company founder Lucy Postins was inspired by her own dog’s success on a homemade diet and … Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Today, The Honest Kitchen is on a mission to revolutionize the pet food industry through their obsession with product integrity and commitment to help as many pets as possible get on the road to good health through natural, wholesome proper food. It gives you the opportunity to provide the perfect protein your dog loves, while packing in some excellent ingredients. The Honest Kitchen’s Supplier Quality Expectations Manual acts as a code of conduct for our suppliers, and clearly outlines the food safety standards we demand from every vendor we purchase from. I like this new twist on dog food. The reviews of The Honest Kitchen Dog Food are overwhelmingly positive. Due to their exceptional vitamin and mineral content, spinach and parsley exhibit a remarkably high nutrient Completeness Score1 of 91. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 52% for the overall product line. Along with that, they are not genetically modified, free of preservatives, zero byproducts, & no 4D animal products. This is a dehydrated product, and excellent choice for someone wanting to feed as close to homemade as possible, without the extra work. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Near-average protein. The Honest Kitchen was created in 2002. Be kind. But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this Honest Kitchen product. The Dog Food Advisor is privately owned. What is truly remarkable is that the owner, Lucy, started this from her own kitchen as she searched for a better food creation process for her own dog. The Honest Kitchen has so many varieties of treats, foods, and supplements for your dog that you can easily find everything you need to meet his nutritional needs. Near-average fat. Let’s talk about the ingredients. The Honest Kitchen manufactures roughly 36 different dog food products. And lastly, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to Honest Kitchen. The Honest Kitchen dog food is a line of dehydrated, human grade pet foods that use all natural, whole food ingredients, according to the company. Honest Kitchen dog food is a small, family run company that makes use of exclusively human grade products to ensure that only the highest quality meal is poured into your dog’s bowl. The packaging for their pet food is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable, even the plastic bag inside. Lucy got the company up and running soon after, launching a website and mixing up large batches of dehydrated food to sell. Lucy Postins created something beneficial for her own dog that turned into helping dogs all over the country. Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. The Honest Kitchen Reviews. Discriminatory language, personal attacks, promotion, and spam will be removed. You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. February 2013 – Several sizes of Verve, Thrive and Zeal were recalled due to a potential salmonella contamination. Human-grade, understandable definitions, species appropriate, real food, all my favorite things! We go to great leng ths to help users better understand their dogs; however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. The Honest Kitchen Grain Free product line includes the 9 dehydrated dog foods listed below.. Each recipe includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.. Use the links to check prices and package sizes at an online retailer.. There is no history of a dog food recall for The Honest Kitchen in the last two years according to the FDA and reviews of The Honest Kitchen dog food. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. The freeze-drying process helps to increase the shelf-life of the product without compromising the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. This helps cover the cost of operation of our free blog. At the time, Lucy created and experimented with dog food for her own dog, Mosi, in her kitchen. 25 reviews of The Honest Kitchen "One of my dogs has mast cell cancer, and the entire family is helping out to make sure he gets through his chemotherapy, and maintains his weight and happy attitude. Honest Kitchen, Whanganui: See 9 unbiased reviews of Honest Kitchen, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #41 of 105 restaurants in Whanganui. All dehydrated, not cooked, so your dog reaps the amazing benefits of these foods. Or view the same list sorted alphabetically by brand. HONEST KITCHEN Dog Food Review. As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 26% and a mean fat level of 15%. Dog & Puppy Products – Articles, Guides and Review, Dog Clothes and Accessories – Articles & Review, Dog Breeds – Information of All Types of Dogs, Dog Insurance – Articles, Guides and Review, Pecks Bite-Sized Cookies Beef & Blueberry Recipe, Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews of Ingredients. Ask questions. First, we find taurine, an important amino acid associated with the healthy function of heart muscle. The company itself gives back to animal organizations, which I find intriguing. From there, The Honest Kitchen was born - and her kitchen stayed much cleaner! Or view the same list sorted alphabetically by brand. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods. Based out of San Diego, many of the Honest Kitchen’s employees commute to work by bicycle. And, it’s important to note that a 4 lb. Honest Kitchen Recalls Five Lots of Dog Food (2/21/2013) You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. In 2018, The Honest Kitchen stopped being open to questions about their food, ingredients, and sourcing. From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items. of food, so take that into consideration when weighing the cost to your budget. ​Pecks Bite-Sized Cookies Beef & Blueberry Recipe. The next two ingredients are spinach and parsley. Something Wagging Reviews The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food. Plus (unlike chicken meal) dehydrated chicken is not exposed to high temperatures during processing, so it preserves more of the meat’s natural nutrients. The Dog Food Advisor is privately owned. Each recipe includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified. Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the quinoa in this recipe and the flaxseed contained in other recipes, this looks like the profile of a dry product containing a moderate amount of meat.
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